Learn to surf in Hong Kong's beautiful Big Wave Bay. Proven techniques will get you up and into the waves. Lose the kids for a couple of hours while you enjoy some peace and quiet on the beach, come and spend a session in the water with your other half having a great time. Only one, perfect, Surfing Hong Kong is waiting!

Birthday party / party classes
Surfing Hong Kong is now offering party bookings. We provide a good instructor to student ratio, ensuring participants are looked after in the water. The maximum is three students to one instructor, as there is a limit to how many people one instructor can look after. What better way to spend a birthday, a good day on the beach!

Please email for a quote.

Note: Recently there have been many start up "surf schools" operating in Hong Kong. Many of these teachers are of a very basic level, and in some cases cannot even surf themselves. eg. there is one operator who claims to be a semi pro with major sponsors, competing around the world. The website shows images of a surfer doing remarkable things in the surf. The reality is that this person can barely stand up on a board, with the imagery ripped off the web. The dangers of this comes to light in a decent swell. In September 2014 a typhoon swell came through providing some great waves. An "instructor" who CANNOT even stand on a board, came with three people. After a short time the instructor was busy with one of his students, whilst the other two became trapped in between large rocks, a high tide and large waves, instructor no where to be seen. With a good chance of drowning, a couple of us managed to assist them to safety.  Please don't let this happen to you or your kids.  Would you employ someone to teach golf, said they played in the PGA, but could not even hit a ball?

Any instructor employed by Surfing Hong Kong can surf, would have at least 10 years surfing experience and can handle themselves in a range of conditions, will have a love of surfing, and will take the utmost care during the lessons.

Sorry for the rant, but with safety a priority and with 30 years plus experience, it can be very frustrating watching beginner surfers teaching other beginner surfers whilst claiming they are otherwise.

A little about me:

-30 years plus surf experience.
-Regular swimming training to assist students in the water.
-Regular competitor in 2 / 5 / 10 and 15 km open water ocean swimming races.

There are other quality lessons available in Hong Kong, just do your research and check that they are the real thing.

Happy Clients:

"I have learn more with you in an hour, than I did at a week of surf camp".

"That was amazing"

Surf Lessons
Beach Safety

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Email: antonyandikuyo@gmail.com
Emergency First Aid Certified
Please do not confuse being pushed into waves by a beginner with being taught proper surfing technique. We at Surfing Hong Kong take great pride in providing the highest level surfing instruction. Safety, technique, etiquette, surfboard mechanics, positioning in the line up, through to never ending enthusiasm to answer people's questions on where to surf in the region, surf camps, how to avoid the crowds, equipment and the likes. We look to offer a full package, from technique, to respect, to improving fitness and strength. There are no shortcuts to learn to surf, it is challenging as well as an amazing adventure and with a proper understanding of what is involved, you will have a huge head start. 
Operating hours.

Weekdays, 530 am thru last start 745 am.
Weekends, 530 am thru last start 10 am.